Programs offered by WRAP Works

WRAP Works is a group training program for 14-20 people led by two certified facilitators.There are 3 types of WRAP Works sessions varying in length from 8 -24 hours. There are also two specialized types of training.  One is “Team” training and the other is “Company facilitator” training.


                                                  Program A:   WRAP-lite

This program is for organizations who have time restrictions but want their employees or students to have a general overview of the program

Program Length/Style: 8 sessions, 45 -60 minutes in length, delivered over lunch hours.This will be primarily lecture-style with some group interaction

 Group size: 14-20 participants

 Participants will:

·         Receive a content-focused overview of WRAP Works

·         Hear what they need to do to create their workplace resilience plan

·         Receive a binder with worksheets

·         Be issued a WRAP Works 8 hour participation certificate

Price: $200+GST per person

This training takes place in a meeting room provided by the organization


                                                  Program B:  WRAP Works

This program is for organizations who want their employees or students to have in-depth training with experiential  learning to solidify their knowledge.

Program Length/Style: 15 hours

Can be done over a weekend, 2 weekdays, or 4 x 4-hour blocks. This highly interactive training includes small group work, “hands-on” practice, creative exercises to demonstrate concepts, viewing videos, etc. to learn the 5 key concepts and 7 steps of the WRAP Works program

Group size: 14-20 participants

Participants will:

·         Receive working knowledge of all the aspects of WRAP Works

·         Have “hands-on” practice in creating their own workplace resilience plan

·         Receive a binder with worksheets

·         Be issued a WRAP Works 15-hour program completion certificate

*Price: $300+GST per person


                                                Program C:  Enhanced WRAP Works

This program is tailored for businesses and not for profit agencies who meet the eligibility requirements to apply for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG). 

It is for organizations who want its employees to have in-depth training with experiential learning and a written emotional resilience plan ready to activate during tough and challenging times

Program Description

All WRAP Works trainings are highly interactive, highly engaging and highly supportive leaving all participants feeling valued and respected for their contributions. Group sizes range from 14-22 participants. Two trained and certified facilitators co-lead every session.

WRAP Works trainings are a systemized framework that is evidence-based and world renowned. It is for anyone that wants to overcome stress and obstacles in the workplace to achieve wellness and resilience. The best part is that the strategies learned are applicable to both your personal and professional lives. Once proficient with these skills, you will become more self-aware and stop falling into traps such as workplace conflicts, negativity and time wasters. Essentially, you will become a more productive and happier employee!

Course Outline/Learning Objectives

Part One: In the classroom training you will learn essential workplace skills

·         The five key concepts of wellness to anchor yourself and harness your strengths

·         Personal wellness tools that become part of your wellness toolkit

·         What needs to happen for you to maintain wellness and balance in your work life every day

·         Your specific workplace triggers, early warning signs of trouble and the more serious signs of when things are breaking                   down in the workplace

·         Choosing your course of action in times of crisis and how to re-establish yourself after a crisis.

Part Two: The on-line aspect of the WRAP Works training guides you through an experiential journey of self-mastery to practice and document all the parts of your own WRAP Works plan. When completed, you will have a comprehensive and customized wellness plan for your workplace which will be your “armour” ready to be activated whenever a workplace stressor takes place.

Your workplace wellness plan can be shared in the workplace to “wrap” yourself in workplace support and can be used in conjunction with your workplace professional development learning plan.

All WRAP Works participants will receive:

A binder with worksheets

A WRAP for Life Book

A WRAP Works program completion certificate


*Price: $450+GST per person



                                        Program D:    WRAP Works for Resilient Teams

 This program is for teams who have completed programs A, B or C. The team attends as a “work group” to develop a team WRAP guided by previously learned concepts

Program length: 4 hours

Group size: 8-16 participants

Teams will:

·         Identify what interferes with healthy team performance and productivity

·         Establish a powerful common language

·         Develop strength in peer support

·         Have specialized action plans ready to “activate” during challenging times in the workplace

*Price: $2000+GST per group


*Based on the organization providing the training room and am/pm nourishment where applicable


                   Program E:  Training Internal Company WRAP Works facilitators

This program is for organizations who have already provided program B or C to a group of their employees and want their own employees to become facilitators because they endorse the WRAP Works emotional resilience training as essential professional development for their employees

WRAP Works will train, mentor and coach facilitators who are internal to your organization and can then provide WRAP Works training directly to your employees.

Group size: negotiable

Price: TBD


                           Program F: Proven Methods to Decrease Workplace Stress                                                                             and Increase Resilience

This is a complimentary 45-minute presentation for organizations who are considering a WRAP Works training for their employees. Content includes:

·         Not all stress is bad!

·         The key ingredient that resilient people have

·         What determines 90 % of your long term happiness?

·         Things you can start doing immediately to reduce your workplace stress

·         How to instantly trigger a DOSE of your body’s super chemicals to create well-being

·         Learn about WRAP Works, a remarkable emotional resilience training program