Meet Our Team

Christine Naidu views wellness as a tapestry where one weaves the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual threads of their life. She has a broad background: banking, home education, retailer, student, Yoga facilitator, manager, sales & marketing, writer, events planner, eldercare giver, volunteer and parent of three amazing young adults.






Michelle Knox wears many hats in her life including mom, friend, partner and manager to name a few.  She is fortunate to have a career in mental health which is challenging and rewarding, two amazing teenagers who are a source of inspiration and joy, a partner who encourages and supports her in all areas, and many amazing friends and family members.





Caitlin Renema was first introduced to WRAP at 15 years of age in 2012, when she became involved in the high school WRAP initiative. It was at this time that her wellness journey began. She began to discover the things that made her feel well, and she pursued them with a new energy. She adopted the essence of WRAP in her life, and began to plan for times where she may not be able to achieve a sense of wellness.




Lauren Pearson grew up with a passion for dance and adventure and was blessed with the opportunity to experience things in life that many people dream of. Although Lauren had a wonderful support system, it was in High School that she started to experience overwhelming anxiety and depression; and for many years battled in silence, afraid to disappoint those around her. In an effort to get well, she started to educate herself on her illness and developed an interest in mental health. In June of 2012, Lauren completed the Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP®) training and it changed her life in a positive and empowering way. This program is truly a gift that Lauren looks forward to sharing with others and believes that no one is too young or old to reap the benefits of WRAP Works. 

Jessica Pruden found her way to our team as one of our bright new facilitators donning life’s rose coloured glasses, however; not without a lack of many chips and scratches. Being a young woman of vision, she knows that the path to self-discovery has been no easy task. Living in this world has proven a force to be reckoned with, but her new found belief in wellness recovery has given her the tools to face life’s challenges in a way she never thought. Being a former student, athlete and performer, who graduated from Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts, and having attended NAIT, she understands that before you can be a part of a team, you must first serve your own needs, before others. 

Rebecca Arthurs is an optimistic life-long learner; and has come to appreciate the opportunities and gifts that come through difficult times.  Believing that wellness is a continuum, Rebecca focuses on being proactive as much as possible with her own wellness journey.  Running, physical activity, reading, healthy meals as much as possible, coffee and quality time with family and friends are essential wellness tools!  She is a friend, daughter, sister, wife, and mother to two beautiful young daughters.  Choosing to make her own physical and mental wellness a priority, as a solid foundation to give the best of herself to those she loves and cares for.   



Pat Kachmar believes that quality of life is seldom an accident.  It is often the result of deliberate effort, the choices we make in life and the lens through which we see ourselves and the related circumstances.  Doing the same things produces the same results and if Pat wanted to see change in her life, in spite of the circumstances, it was up to her to make that happen.  

Claire Rinaldi is 18 years old and lives in St. Albert, Alberta. She is a student at McEwan University and hopes to become a registered dietician. Her interest in health and wellness relates to her involvement in WRAP. Claire got involved with the WRAP program in 2012 when she was 15 years old. She has facilitated to high school students for three years and is now moving on to a wider demographic. Her interest and dedication to WRAP is based on the impact it had on her recovery from certain mental and physical challenges. Claire hopes to introduce WRAP Works to many others, as it has helped with many aspects of her life.  

Kelly Scott is passionate about family, care, wellness, fun and feeling good! Her career as a Registered Massage Therapist in a community hospital for over 15 years has helped fulfill that dream. Also a single mother of three children keeps her busy as she strives to provide the best for her family as well as maintain personal balance. Taking WRAP in 2015 shortly after a snowball of struggles she discovered tools, plans and supports to better care for her own wellbeing and avoid burnout. She now uses WRAP as a foundation for living a rewarding fulfilling life and hopes to share WRAP Works far and wide.