WRAP Works Client Testimonials

 Leah Beck, Manager, Servus Credit Union

Unfortunately, I think most of us don’t even realize that we're stressed until it is overwhelming us!  What if you could create your own personal strategy to avoid this breakdown of your wellness?  What if you could create a plan that helped you to be more aware of your own triggers and create a toolbox to thrive where you are?  It sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?  This is what WRAP Works does.  

The most surprising and best part of my experience with WRAP Works was that I went in looking for great ideas for my team, and I came out with my own personal action plan that has vastly improved my health, my life/work balance, and my overall wellness and happiness.  Of course, who can keep this kind of information to themselves!  I've also been able to pass the WRAP Works concepts and skills to my family, friends, and employees.  

I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants a better quality of life, but also specifically to Leaders of teams, and to those companies that want to be pro-active in the wellness of their employee’s personal and emotional self-management.  


Cara Schnellback, HR Manager, Encore Trucking

What I like best about WRAP Works is the ability to make it mine and about me. I am continuing to develop my own action plan to help me manage the stresses that come into my life. The content was well put together. I liked that the facilitators shared a bit about themselves and their own personal experiences. I like the on-line group on Facebook and reading the postings.

The information I learned at WRAP Works has been valuable personally in that it helps to identify triggers and give a name to what things affect me. Then take the triggers and develop a plan to better handle these situations as they come up. As my plan develops I cannot help but become more self-aware, well and feel more balanced.

Professionally, it has helped me in Human Resources role as I can give a name and process to what are triggers for others and help them to build a plan to handle them.   


Jeff Arthurs, Mortgage Associate, Dominion Lending Centers

I have taken WRAP Works recently to see what it is all about. I was very happy to learn more about myself, and I left the program with some great strategies to cope with stress and be more self-aware of when I am getting too stressed or need to take a break. Being more self-aware at work has made me better able to deal with a high-stress vocation, and this adds to my overall wellness. Thanks WRAP Works!”


Phebe Switzer, Principal, St.Timothy Catholic School

WRAP was truly a phenomenal experience! Everyone needs tools and through this conference, those are uncovered with the strong message of hope. I am now a stronger person with a better understanding of key elements on how to support myself and others. I strongly recommend this for everyone!


Narissa Smith, Occupational Therapist

“I’m exhausted from trying to be stronger than I feel” - as I read this quote it dawns on me that since I took this course and developed my daily wellness plan, the burden of being strong and the feelings of exhaustion have begun to lift.  It wasn’t until the facilitators of our training (who were beyond amazing!) told me to picture myself ‘well’ that I realized how long it had been since I truly felt healthy and good.  As a health care worker, it is inevitable that I take on the pain and heartbreak of many of my client’s without even knowing.  Combine that with a daunting home life with 3 small children, a husband who works shift-work, and aging parents with chronic illnesses and my sense of responsibility and feelings of guilt were astounding.  But then I discovered WRAP works and things began to feel manageable for me. 

I still have a great deal of work to do and I am continually adjusting my plans, but as I reflect on this process and training, I am not sure where I would be today without it!  I suspect, however, that the exhaustion mentioned in the quote above would have likely prevented me from coping for much longer.  I am so grateful for WRAP works and the light it has brought to my life!! 


Principal, Edmonton Catholic Schools

In one of my most difficult times personally WRAP came into my life and has given me hope as well as provided balance between home and school. WRAP helped me identify many wellness tools to move forward in my life when struggling or facing a crisis.  Having the opportunity to take the two-day workshop I can honestly say I feel more empowered to reach out help others who struggle with wellness in their everyday lives. As an administrator, WRAP gave me specific tools and strategies to utilize with parents and students who are looking for supports in the area of mental health. I am excited and energized knowing I can empower and assist others who are seeking support in the area of personal wellness.


Lauren Mickel, Vice President of Student Life, MacEwan University

WRAP is an amazing program that absolutely everyone should take. Mental Wellness is such an important topic that we definitely need to give more attention to. All of us have our struggles at some point in our lives, whether that's depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses that may come our way, we all experience them at least once. WRAP is great in the sense that it focuses on mental wellness and not illness. WRAP gives anyone and everyone the tools they need to take care of themselves during difficult times. The Wellness Recovery Action Plan has helped me create my own personalized wellness kit that I'm able to look back to whenever I'm having issues with my mental health. WRAP is a one-of-a-kind program that takes the time to really personalize toolkits and tailor mental wellness strategies to personally fit the individual taking the program.I highly recommend everyone to take WRAP!