WRAP®Works uses the world renowned, leading edge, best practice Wellness and Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®) program in practice since 1997, from The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery.

WRAP Works is an emotional resilience program that teaches participants how to:

PINPOINT their unique and specific triggers that are a direct cause of their workplace stress

CREATE an extensive list of their personal solution-focused strategies to defuse their triggers

WRITE tailored action plans for every trigger they have identified

IMPLEMENT their action plans when their trigger is activated


What to Expect

Research has demonstrated that individuals who create and use their WRAP®Works! plan:

  • Become more self-confident and experience personal empowerment
  • Develop positive and increased self-worth
  • Have an increased ability to engage with others in a positive manner
  • Experience a significant reduction in symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Integrate their new approach into all aspects of their daily life
  • Develop increased satisfaction due to a higher quality of work and personal life
  • Have been assisted in achieving their life goals and dreams
  • Have lifelong skills to maintain emotional well-being and resilience