Every WRAP®Works training session has 2 facilitators and between 12 to 20 participants. WRAP®Works facilitators are all from Edmonton and surrounding area and they are recruited, screened and trained to be the very best! 


In every WRAP®Works training session, you can expect your facilitators abide by a set of values and ethics which are as follows:

  • Create a hope-filled, safe learning environment
  • Share their experiences as to how WRAP®Works has made a positive difference in their lives
  • Accommodate diverse human needs and different learning styles
  • Value every participant and accept each one for their own uniqueness
  • Treat all participants with dignity, compassion, respect and unconditional high regard
  • Facilitate a mutual learning process with highly interactive discussions rather than teach a class
  • Validate all input, withhold all judgment and present participants with options and choices
  • Refrain from giving advice, counselling or providing recommendations
  • Encourage participants to reflect on their own experience to find out what works
  • Follow a strict code of behavioral conduct i.e. leaving all personal agendas outside of the training
  • Present material in the simplest and clearest terms
  • Support personal responsibility and the concept that each participant is the expert on themselves


All WRAP®Works facilitators participate in several mentoring and coaching sessions a year to stay current and updated.